About Us

Art and painting speak to the soul. Throughout history, art has defined culture and portrayed prosperity and triumph. Today, we see the majesty of ancient ages in paintings, murals, architecture. Our homes, businesses, office buildings are the artistic extensions of who we are as people, the image we wish to portray to others around us and leave for the future generations to admire.

This is the reason why we went on to create Pro Painting Services. In the start, it was only the two of us – Simon and Peter. Inspired by the family business we ran back in Europe, in 2013 we founded our company in Boston, Massachusetts. We wanted to bring the techniques and styles we had learned home to the United States, which proved to be successful and soon our team grew.

Pro Painting Services, is an interior, exterior and decorative design painting company mainly focused onĀ  residential and commercial buildings in the Boston area. We work with color schemes and arrays by leading manufacturers to the liking and choice of our clients including environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic paints.

From our humble beginnings to where we stand now, it has been an absolute dream to grow Pro Painting Services into the company it is today. Pro Painting Services is empowering our community of aesthetic and artistic enthusiasts to reach out and display their potential and passion in life through the colors of the walls, their homes and their offices. Here, you can learn more about how painting is the perfect way to capture the beautiful moments of your life, the best way to surround yourself with an aura and environment of beauty through art and color that promotes the highest quality of life possible. That is the power of painting, and the mission behind Pro Painting Services.