Home Office Color Ideas

And How to Improve Your Workspace

More and more people work from home. So the need to create a comfortable space that promotes productivity, focus and creativity is only natural.

However, picking the perfect furniture and arranging it, is only half the work. The color of your walls can vastly affect your environment. It has the potential of turning your home office into an extraordinary space to inspire your work.

You can check out one of our office painting projects in Stoneham, MA - notice how the new colors can create a completely different atmosphere.

So let’s go through some ideas on how to transform your home office!


The Effect Different Colors Will Have on Your Home Office

Depending on your job, you can go for either an energizing or a calmer atmosphere. A cozy or a spacey workplace. We’ll go through the colors that can help you achieve the look you want.

Calming Paint Colors

The most popular and probably safest choice in this category is white. It will help your space feel clean and fresh. You can also go for other neutral colors like beige, light grey or taupe. Other unobtrusive choices that can improve your concentration are pale green and blue. 

The great benefit of light walls is that they are a great background for pictures and posters. Decorating your workspace with art you like will make it all the more comfortable.

Our project in North Reading, MA is a great example of how painting your office light colors will change the atmosphere in the room.

In case you’d like your office to be cozy, you should go for darker colors. Good options include navy, olive green and dark shades of purple and red. 

Energizing Paint Colors

Painting all of your walls an intense shade could be a little too much. That’s why creating an accent wall is a better way to introduce the color you’ve selected.

Bright hues have quite the energizing effect. Yes, that’s even when they’re covering only one of the walls in the room! They can also set a better mood for creatives.

You can go for sky blue, banana yellow, peach or even brick red. Keep in mind that cold colors are generally more soothing.

Cool Ways to Improve Your Space

You’ve already set your mind on a color. But what else can you do to make your home office even better?

Get a Matte Finish

The lack of sheen is a great way to achieve that office look. It will also help you concentrate better, as the surfaces around you won’t subconsciously attract your attention. 

Transform Your Wall Into a Writing Board

You like to draw or write things down? There’s paint on the market that will allow you to transform a wall into an erasable black- or a whiteboard. That’s a great feature to have, especially if you’re an artist.

You could also go for a traditional writing board. If you need inspiration, we suggest you check out this office painting project in Arlington, MA.

To Sum It Up

The color of your home office can have an impact on your productivity and mood. So make sure to pick a hue that will bring you joy and keep you motivated!