How to prep properly before you paint the interior of the house

A full packaging quality service is all it takes to provide you with a professional interior painting in Boston, MA, USA.

Why choose our services?

Pro Painting Services, are here to ensure you with the best planner starting from beforehand prep to clean-up end. We follow these essential steps to prep correctly before painting the interior of the house. Which are as follows:

Set out with handy-gadgets for paint

What type of supplies do we choose? For best, durable and smooth coverage, handy-gadgets are in use to make sure you lavishly paint and renovate your interior house. Therefore, we prefer to use painting supplies that are best for both the middle and high-class requirements.

Cover up the floor with Plastic sheet

Firstly, move out all the furniture to make sure it doesn’t get spoiled with the drips of paint. Our professional painting contractors will ensure all the pros and cons to be measured adequately, that includes spreading of plastic sheet or paper to avoid splatters of paint on the floor.

Protect the outlet covers

Our professional painters make it sure to avoid lap marks on the ceiling or brush strokes on the wall sockets and outlet covers by removing or covering them and help protect the actual color of the plugs from the paint while at work. Also, the ceiling fixtures are removed whenever possible to allow the paint to reveal a bright finishing look.

Repair the flaws

At Boston, MA, we make sure to patch all the cracks, nail holes, and any other imperfection on the walls, ceilings, and trim before starting the painting.

By doing so, we certainly recognize all the invisible flaws, which are then treated with the dustless sanders, and make sure to get rid of the rough spots.

Removal of wallpaper

For high-quality paint results, it is necessary to remove the wallpaper before starting to paint due to its dense texture. Therefore, the professional painting contractors will help you do this task more efficiently and in a flexible framework of time to ensure excellent quality services.

Provide trending colors

A good painting company would help you make an informed decision regarding the trending color paint scheme before getting into their work. So, they make sure you achieve the desired color paint for your living area.

Start to paint and clean-up end

Our professional Boston painters start painting at the ceiling and go down the wall in an organized manner to ensure smooth and sleek surfaces. Moreover, we apply two coats of paint to make sure brilliant finishing and full coverage on the walls.

To sum up, when the paint is appropriately done with the prep techniques as mentioned above, our professional painters assure you with a clean-up end project. Thus, we guarantee to provide you with high-quality services until the end of the project.