Lexington MA

You live or work in Lexington, MA? You’re looking for painting contractors near you? Look no further! We here at Pro Painting Services are eager to help! We specialize in renovation and offer a variety of services, so that you won’t need to look for another company. Let’s go over them!

Interior Painting

Your satisfaction is our priority. Therefore, we always use the highest quality materials available. We have a variety of options, including hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly paint.

Our experience as a residential painting company has taught us that attention to detail is vital. That’s why we always caulk any gaps or cracks in the trim work. To ensure a perfect finish, each wall is covered with two coats of paint.

We can guarantee your floors and furniture won’t be damaged in the process. They’ll be  protected before we begin work. After we finish up, we’ll clean up, so that you can enjoy your new space without distractions!

Exterior Painting

You’re looking for exterior paint estimates? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote!

To prepare your house, we’ll begin by power washing the walls and sanding off the loose paint. Then, we’ll fill up any cracks or holes to create a uniform surface. Don’t worry about your plants and house features – we’ll protect them before we start. You can expert great results, as we always use high-quality products. After everything’s done, we’ll make sure to clean up.

Office Painting

To keep your business running, we’ll be happy to work on a schedule. We always try to minimize any inconvenience that may come with renovation. The products we use are top-quality and will last for a long time.

We’ll take precautions to protect your floors and furniture. To guarantee an even finish, we cover each wall with two coats of paint. We’ll clean up before we go. Reach out to us and tell us more about your project to receive your painting quotes!

Color Consultation

We know how important colors can be for the atmosphere of a room. That’s why you need to trust your painting company to provide you with the advice you need. We’re happy to help you pick the perfect shade for your space.

However, if you would like to talk to professionals, we’d be happy to put you in contact with color consultants from Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore. Just let us know when you reach out to us and we’ll make it happen!