Lynnfield MA

Are you searching for a local painting company in Lynnfield, MA, with an excellent reputation and customer service? Look no further than Pro Painting Services!

The process of painting your home can be stressful at times. If you need help with this, contact Pro Painting Services. We have helped hundreds of customers with their large and small projects and have the know-how to ensure the smooth running of your project.

Interior Painting

We will paint your living space, kitchen, or office space according to the design you specify. All of our paint is of the highest quality, and we offer a variety of finishes and colors to fit your vision. You can choose from classic or modern, soft or strong – there’s something for everyone. The only limit is your imagination.

With our years of experience and special skills, we will work with you to help you realize your dreams. With our years of experience and special skills, we will help you to realize your dreams. You will have stunning walls to look at for many years to come once we finish the job.

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Exterior Painting

Our team has been specially trained to provide our clients with outstanding curb appeal and exceptional quality that will last for many years to come!

  • The first thing we will do is inspect the exterior of the property and determine if any preparations are required to make it run as smoothly as possible.
  • The next step will be to talk with you to understand your expectations and perform a weather check. We can then create a schedule at your convenience that suits your needs or your availability.
  • We will ensure that favorable weather conditions are taken advantage of as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure your satisfaction.

Office Painting

Using our Office painting services, you’ll be able to stand out with a visually appealing interior job that preserves your brand and grabs the attention of your customers. Make your business stand out from the crowd with our exceptional service and high-quality paints.

Painting process:

Protect floors and furniture (Always cover any non-paintable areas).

All light switch plates must be removed

Caulk Windows frames, baseboards, and door frames for an even finish

Prepare and patch the walls

Spot Prime All Patches

Offer the straightest and cleanest cut-lines

Clean all work areas

Wallpaper Removal

Removing wallpaper can be a time-consuming and challenging task, especially if you do not possess the right equipment or training. With our professional wallpaper removal service and the knowledge of our crew members, we can remove wallpaper efficiently and quickly. Our responsibility is to make sure that we remove all wallpaper properly and clean up the area using the appropriate equipment so that we can take you to the next step in the process. To ensure a smooth finish, we recommend you skim coat your walls to achieve the desired effect. After your walls have been skim coated, we can begin painting them.