Our Services

Are you looking for a renovation company? Pro Painting Services is here for you. We’re a mainly a residential painting company, but we offer a wide range of services. Here’s everything we could help you with:

Interior Painting

We plan each project carefully – making sure you’re fully satisfied is very important to us. All of the materials we use are from leading manufacturers and we have environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic options.

Attention to detail is vital when repainting a home. That’s why we will caulk all gaps and cracks in the trim work while we’re renovating. To ensure a perfect and even look, we also cover every wall with two coats of paint.

If you’re ready to renovate your house, but you’re worried about your floors and furniture – don’t be. We always make sure to protect those before we begin. We can also guarantee a full cleanup after we’re done. Tell us more about your project to get your interior paint estimates!

Exterior Painting

Before we begin painting your house’s exterior, we make sure to power wash the walls and sand off any loose paint. We create a uniform surface by filling up any cracks and holes. The well-being of your plants and house features is guaranteed, as we take steps to protect them. We use high-quality products and will clean up after we’re done.

Office Painting

We know how important it is for a business to keep running. That’s why we’ll happily discuss a schedule with you to minimize the effects of the renovation on your work. We here at Pro Painting Services always use top-notch materials with great longevity to ensure you won’t need to go through the whole thing again anytime soon.


Your furniture and floors won’t be damaged in any way, as we always take precautions. We’ll apply two coats of paint on the wall, guaranteeing even coverage and a perfect finish.

Before we go, we’ll clean up. All you’ll need to do is enjoy your beautiful new office!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll provide you with your painting quotes!

Color Consultation

Colors can have a huge influence on how we perceive a space. This is why we’re always happy to discuss all ideas you have before painting your house. We know how tricky picking that perfect shade can be.

We can also arrange a consultation with the professionals from Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. Make sure to let us know you’d like that when you reach out for your house painting estimates!