Winchester MA

You live in Winchester, MA and need a painting company? We here at Pro Painting are happy to help! To make it all better, we also offer a variety of cleaning services. So you won’t even need to look for a different contractor to go through with your renovation. Here’s everything we can do for you:

Interior Painting

We want you to be happy. That’s why we’ll carefully plan every project to make sure you get exactly what you imagined!

The materials we use are always high-quality. You can choose from a spectrum of options, including hypoallergenic and eco-friendly paint.

We can guarantee a perfect finish. To achieve it, we’ll caulk any cracks or gaps in the trim work and cover each wall with two coats of paint. Attention to detail is crucial, especially when it comes to interior house painting!

Don’t worry about the mess – we always clean up after ourselves. We’ll also cover all of your floors and furniture to keep them safe while we work. The only thing you’ll need to do is enjoy your new space!

Exterior Painting

We can also take care of the exterior of your home!

Our first job is to create a uniform surface. We do that by power washing all walls and sanding off loose paint. Then, we fill up any holes and cracks.

To guarantee great and long-lasting results, we always choose to work with materials from leading manufacturers. We’ll make sure to protect all plants and house features when we work. Once we’re finished, we’ll clean up.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and get your house painting estimates today!

Office Painting

Your business shouldn’t suffer when your office needs a renovation! That’s why we would be happy to work on a schedule. We’re fast and reliable and the high-grade products we use will ensure long lasting results.

To create the perfect coveredge, we’ll apply two coats of paint on each wall. We also take special precautions to protect your floors and furniture in the process. Once we finish, we’ll clean up.

Please tell us about your project and we’ll be happy to provide you with your interior paint estimates!

Color Consultation

Colors have an amazing effect on how you feel about a space. We understand it may be hard to decide on that perfect shade and would be happy to discuss house painting ideas to help you out!

However, if you need a consultation with a professional – we can set it up! We’ll arrange a meeting with color consultants from Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore. Just make sure to mention it when you contact us!

Power/Pressure Washing

We’re not only a residential painting company, but we can also provide you with the most satisfying cleaning of all – the power wash. If you’re in the Winchester, MA area – now is your house’s chance to shine!

Not only will the pressure washing restore your property’s looks, it can also be beneficial to your health. It gets rid of dirt, mols, algae and mildew, which can prevent or reduce any allergies. This is why specialists recommend you power wash your house yearly.

This cleaning is suitable for most outdoor areas – driveway, patio, pool deck, siding, even the sidewalk! We work with all types of surfaces – from stone and concrete to vinyl and wood!

Consider a pressure washing especially if you intend to repaint the outer walls. The powerful water jet removes loose paint and reveals imperfections that need to be fixed. It’s the secret behind an even finish!

Gutter Cleaning

You’re looking for gutter cleaning near you? We’ve got you covered!

If you’re reading this, you probably already know how important it is to keep your drainage system in working order. Sticks and leaves can clog your gutters and lead to multiple problems like mold, dry rot, pests and overflow. This will also diminish your paint and shingles’ life.

That’s why we hand scoop everything out, ensuring there’s nothing left behind. We’re very careful not to damage the gutters while we work and will bag up the debris we collect.

We’ll be happy to provide you with before and after photos, so that you can see the difference for yourself!

Deck Cleaning

If you haven’t cleaned your deck in a while, you may have noticed mold and mildew building up. This will not only negatively affect the value of your property, but could also be a hazard. Even after a light rain, you may notice the deck becoming slippery because of all the algae on it.

This is why specialists suggest cleaning it twice per year – in spring and autumn. It will also prolong the deck’s life significantly!

We can clean any type of decking – wooden, composite or anything else.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and request the estimate for your property!

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